Our Christmas Newsletter 2013

Our Christmas Newsletter 2013

Yule Blog

Here is our Christmas newsletter which highlights what we have done over the past year or so and what we are planning to do in the future

Merry Christmas!!!!!


How can I change APLCore Location?

I recently had an APLCore and it directed me to


when I tried to do

“)COPY C:\Windows\System32\aplcore”

it said ws not found.

So I searched for it manually and found it in


I was wondering if and how can I change the default location for APLCores

Using SQAPL and finding my first Dyalog/Windows 8 error…..

SQAPL Project
I have been developing an internal database project which is an issue and general info database system for users within our company.
I am using SQAPL to connect to an access database which has a GUI front end written in APL.
I have made a login form that takes the username does various checks and fetches various data.
This is only partially completed but I have learnt a lot about external integration with applications using Dyalog APL.

Dyalog/Windows 8 Error
We are currently running Windows 8 and Dyalog 13.2.
I recently found a problem that only occurs when running Dyalog in Windows 8.
I have reported the issue to Dyalog(Vince in particular) it only occurred when using ‘Classic Dyalog Mode’ with multiple trace windows.
It happens when I press the ‘SysMenu’ ‘X’ button to close a trace window and it only happens when you do so on the very last trace window that is open.
I get a windows message saying that ‘Dyalog has stopped working’.
I hope some of you find this a useful warning as me and Shaquil lost work because of this particular error.

My experience of Dyalog ’12

Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone who made our first conference so enjoyable, to those of you who lead the workshops and presentations thank you very much we all found them both useful and interesting and hope that you will find our blog both useful and interesting too.

The whole experience of meeting you all was very interesting and we would like to thank you all for being very welcoming and kind to us absolute beginners.

Sam Gutsell