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James-Hello, I’m 21 years old, I have A-levels in Biology, Chemistry Economics, Business; I also have a Web Design Level 3 and various GSCE’s. My favourite things in life are probably; coffee, cake, music and technology. My other interests are traveling, airsoft and video games.



Sam Gutsell

About myself
Hello all, I am 19 years old and an avid musician who enjoys playing and listening to music, I also enjoy video games and playing around technology and computers.

How I got here
I have several qualifications in various subjects. I have GCSEs in Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French and Music; after I completed my GCSEs I studied an A-level in computing at college which taught the basic concepts and theories of programming; during the course I gained experience with Visual Basic, PHP, CSS, HTML and MySQL, this is where I really decided I wanted to take up programming. I applied for several apprenticeships and was waiting on them to get back to me, but Optima were the ones who approached me and I was successful in the skills test and interview.


Shaquil Sidiki – Hello, I’m 19 years old. I have GCSE’s in Maths, English Language and Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, French and OCR Double Award in Information Technology (IT) which I got in 2012. I also have a certificate in ICT Systems and Principles. My interests are technology, football and video games. I like programming and networking.
I’m currently an Trainee APL Programmer and Network Engineer for Optima Systems LTD.


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