Remove Skype ads!

Here’s a tip I discovered today, you can remove Skype ads with about 2 minutes work.

To do this…


Go to the Control Panel

Open the Control Panel\Network and Internet\Internet Options.

Security tab.

Click on ‘Restricted sites’ icon and click the Sites button – The ‘Restricted sites’ dialog will appear on the screen.

Type in the text box and then press the Add button.

Close Internet Options and restart Skype.


No more ads!


P.S. Sorry we haven’t posted in so long! We have been very busy with lots of interesting projects and will get you all updated soon!.

Working our fingers to the bone

Over the last couple of months, it’s been pretty manic. We started off doing an audit for our clients then we came up with a cunning customised plan for each of them. The cunning plan was to rid the world of the soon to be virus hotspot more commonly known as Windows XP due to Microsoft withdrawing support.

XP end of Life

Every client has a completely different network environment and a vastly differing budget range. We have to take into account many factors such as; age of pc, length of warranty, existing level of software, application compatibility, external hardware considerations, PC specifications, licencing issues, budget as well as future business requirements. In the present situation we have decided to upgrade our clients to Windows 7 as we feel Windows 8 is not ready for business users.

We have done as much preparation work as possible in our office, to insure we cause as little disruption to their daily schedule as we can. Obviously there are always complications in the process of upgrading, but we try to fix them as quickly and professionally as possible as soon as they come to light.

We can see this carrying on for the foreseeable future, but we are getting slicker by the day and we look forward to helping clients adjust to their new working environment.


This week I have been working with Syncfusion, JavaScript.
Syncfusion was mentioned at the Dyalog Conference 2013.

My first impressions of Syncfusion is that they have better looking objects than JQuery, however it does not work well sometimes. It’s quite buggy and therefore not suitable for our needs, whereas JQuery is not as buggy. JQuery it’s quite easy to understand and use.
For example, the other day I was doing  a Drop Down List containing checkboxes with Syncfusion and sometimes you could select the items sometimes you couldn’t. At the end I ended up using a JQuery dropdown list .

Has anyone worked or is thinking of working with Syncfusion and/or JQuery? If so do you have any opinions regarding this or what are you building?



Dyalog ’13 so far

Dyalog ’13 so far has impressed, and not just because of the amazing weather.

Dyalog 14

Dyalog 14

Below are just some of the highlights,

Dyalog V14

Dyalog V14 seems to be another massive improvement over 13.2 with the inclusion of experimental Isolates and futures which will allow ‘deterministic’ parallelism code allowing it to run on multiple processors.

The Ride

Remote Integrated Development Environment

The ride is one of Dyalog internal projects to split the interpreter from the UI – this will allow them to run GUI’s for different platforms. John Daintree showed screenshots of the Windows/Mac and Linux versions, they were very early versions but looked extremely promising!
The ride is expected to be available by Q2 of 2014 although pre releases may be available


Syncfusion is a library of elegant WPF UI elements that are written in XAML and will be shipped with Dyalog 14. Syncfusion when used in conjunction with Databinding will hopefully allow for a new breed of attractive native windows applications with more ‘modern’ UI’s hopefully without to much overhead for the programmer.

A robot workshop was held where the Italians battled ‘The rest of the world’ to write a algorithm to navigate a maze the knew nothing about, which resulted in a hilarious showdown as the evenings entertainment – check the Dyalog website in the coming weeks for the video!

Paul Grosvenor did an excellent presentation of COSMOS – Optima Systems ‘BIG’ data visualisation tool talking about performance improvements. Gitte commented she always hoped for an application that would ‘make APL famous’ and is confident this could be the one that achieves it.


Great thanks to Dyalog and all the presenters so far for putting on such a good conference!