Using SQAPL and finding my first Dyalog/Windows 8 error…..

SQAPL Project
I have been developing an internal database project which is an issue and general info database system for users within our company.
I am using SQAPL to connect to an access database which has a GUI front end written in APL.
I have made a login form that takes the username does various checks and fetches various data.
This is only partially completed but I have learnt a lot about external integration with applications using Dyalog APL.

Dyalog/Windows 8 Error
We are currently running Windows 8 and Dyalog 13.2.
I recently found a problem that only occurs when running Dyalog in Windows 8.
I have reported the issue to Dyalog(Vince in particular) it only occurred when using ‘Classic Dyalog Mode’ with multiple trace windows.
It happens when I press the ‘SysMenu’ ‘X’ button to close a trace window and it only happens when you do so on the very last trace window that is open.
I get a windows message saying that ‘Dyalog has stopped working’.
I hope some of you find this a useful warning as me and Shaquil lost work because of this particular error.


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