How can I change APLCore Location?

I recently had an APLCore and it directed me to


when I tried to do

“)COPY C:\Windows\System32\aplcore”

it said ws not found.

So I searched for it manually and found it in


I was wondering if and how can I change the default location for APLCores


One thought on “How can I change APLCore Location?

  1. Try setting APLCoreName (either in the registry or on the command line) .. if you put a “*” in the name, then that will be replaced by the lowest positive integer that gives a unique name.

    If you do not have permission to write to the directory defined in APLCoreName (either explicitly or implicitly defined) then the attempt to write the aplcore will fail silently.

    Under WIndows, if you want to attempt to )COPY or ⎕CY objects from an aplcore, remember that you must put a “.” at the end of the aplcore name – otherwise APL will assume that you want to use “aplcore.dws”.

    )COPY has global scope, ⎕CY local ..

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