How can I block Comment code in Dyalog APL?

I am trying to find/add a keyboard shortcut that allows me to add a ⍝ (comment symbol) at the beginning of each line of a block of code that I have highlighted/selected.

This would save a lot of time…


6 thoughts on “How can I block Comment code in Dyalog APL?

  1. This is possible and already available. In the Windows version of Dyalog, in the editor toolbar there are two icons, one labelled ⍝ another labelled with ⍝ struck through with a red line. The first will comment selected text and the latter will uncomment it.

  2. There are also keyboard shortcuts for this. On my Danish keyboard those are Ctrl+Alt+, (comma) and Ctrl+Alt+. (full stop)

    • Thanks Klaus I have tried these shortcuts but to no avail, I am sure there are shortcuts but they must be different for Dyalog en-GB Keyboard, thanks again

      • You can find the definitions of the shortcuts in the *.din file. In the interpreter’s session window, “Options” – “Configure…” – “Input” you can see what din file you use.

        The input symbols to look for in the din file are “AO” and “DO”.
        In the din file I use, the shortcuts are AO=Ctrl+Alt+,: 6 188 *, and DO=Ctrl+Alt+.: 6 190 *, which define the key strokes.
        If input symbols AO and DO are not present in the din file then no key strokes have been defined. In this case you can define them yourself. You can find the techy details in the Dyalog User Guide.

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