This week I have been working with Syncfusion, JavaScript.
Syncfusion was mentioned at the Dyalog Conference 2013.

My first impressions of Syncfusion is that they have better looking objects than JQuery, however it does not work well sometimes. It’s quite buggy and therefore not suitable for our needs, whereas JQuery is not as buggy. JQuery it’s quite easy to understand and use.
For example, the other day I was doing  a Drop Down List containing checkboxes with Syncfusion and sometimes you could select the items sometimes you couldn’t. At the end I ended up using a JQuery dropdown list .

Has anyone worked or is thinking of working with Syncfusion and/or JQuery? If so do you have any opinions regarding this or what are you building?




2 thoughts on “Syncfusion

  1. I used Synfusion a few years ago for “regular” Windows thick client applications, it was my experience then that prompted me to purchase a few licenses for the company in which I now work. Today of course most everything is web based.

    My experience with the 2013 release (11.*) was not good (Web Forms) and frankly was happy we didn’t have much development work in which we really needed powerful controls. We are now working with the 2014 release (12.*); I am using MVC (not classic) and a coworker is using Web Forms. My coworker is having a good experience with web forms and I am having “okay” experience with MVC.

    What I mean by “okay” is that I’m always nervous of another bug. I’ve been using it about a month and already have entered three items in the forum – 2 have been resolved and 1 should be resolved with the next release the end of June.

    Regarding the new MVC implementation is it much easier to work with than the classic version. Namely the following in my experience:
    * 2013 Project Template that works very well as a start
    * Relatively few DLLs that must be referenced
    * Much easier mechanism for getting all the “scripting” stuff registered. Basically @Html.EJ().ScriptManager() in the _Layouts.cshtml file, plus a couple of script inclusions – very simple.
    * I primarily use the grid control, and the underlying model appears well thought out and very capable.

    Some final comments:

    The MVC (non-classic) API documentation is lacking, actually at the time of this post there is none, although I suspect the JavaScript version, which is still lacking in good details, may be a close reference since the MVC implementation is, essentially, JavaScript with of course some “special” things added for the server side rendering of HTML.

    I primarily use the grid and don’t have much experience with the other controls. I’ve used the button and dropdown list and they have worked well, except that SplitButton seems to have an issue regarding the pull down list not being wide enough in the release I’m using so I need to post to the forum.

    Regarding support, either incident or forum submissions, I find the support team very responsive.

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