Converting text to DCF

Hi all,

I have a text file that I need to convert to a DCF – however its prooving dificult to read – what I want is a DCF that is easy to read and index into

Below is a link to the .text file!

Kind regards



2 thoughts on “Converting text to DCF

  1. I am afraid the description of your requirements is a bit cryptic… Which kind of interrogations do you expect on your DCF file? What is the expected size of the data? Will the data be loaded all at once or updated as new data becomes available? Frequency of the updates?

  2. I want the file to be converted to a matrix so that I can easily index into certain parts of the data that I’m interested in (for example the job status & dates) The file will be loaded all at once and would only be updated once a day (this will be a completely new file) does this help? James

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