Working our fingers to the bone

Over the last couple of months, it’s been pretty manic. We started off doing an audit for our clients then we came up with a cunning customised plan for each of them. The cunning plan was to rid the world of the soon to be virus hotspot more commonly known as Windows XP due to Microsoft withdrawing support.

XP end of Life

Every client has a completely different network environment and a vastly differing budget range. We have to take into account many factors such as; age of pc, length of warranty, existing level of software, application compatibility, external hardware considerations, PC specifications, licencing issues, budget as well as future business requirements. In the present situation we have decided to upgrade our clients to Windows 7 as we feel Windows 8 is not ready for business users.

We have done as much preparation work as possible in our office, to insure we cause as little disruption to their daily schedule as we can. Obviously there are always complications in the process of upgrading, but we try to fix them as quickly and professionally as possible as soon as they come to light.

We can see this carrying on for the foreseeable future, but we are getting slicker by the day and we look forward to helping clients adjust to their new working environment.


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