This week I have been working with Syncfusion, JavaScript.
Syncfusion was mentioned at the Dyalog Conference 2013.

My first impressions of Syncfusion is that they have better looking objects than JQuery, however it does not work well sometimes. It’s quite buggy and therefore not suitable for our needs, whereas JQuery is not as buggy. JQuery it’s quite easy to understand and use.
For example, the other day I was doing  a Drop Down List containing checkboxes with Syncfusion and sometimes you could select the items sometimes you couldn’t. At the end I ended up using a JQuery dropdown list .

Has anyone worked or is thinking of working with Syncfusion and/or JQuery? If so do you have any opinions regarding this or what are you building?




Windows XP end of Life

For the last month we have been doing Free Audits to our Networking clients who have machines with Windows XP. The idea is to upgrade the clients with XP to Windows 7.

The Death of XP Pro is coming on 8/4/2014. See our newsletter for what it means to you and what to do: Optima Systems Ltd – Windows XP End of Life Newsletter

XP end of life

XP end of life

Racing Pi

The Racing Pi – This is a robot with 4 wheels. It uses 2 motors to go forward and backwards. Those 2 motors are on the back wheels. The 2 front wheels are to turn right or left. The motor used for this is a servo. I have also decided to put a distance sensor at the front. This will allow the robot to check if there is anything in front and therefore not collide with anything. I also had the idea of getting a camera. I have not been able to work with the camera yet as it’s out of stock, it’s due to arrive at the end of August. Image recognition will definitely be a challenge by in my opinion will look extremely good if a robot can take pictures.

The way I have decide to control the robot is by Mi Server front-end. This will be on the browser and therefore accessible to anyone.

Mi Server front end:


The main pieces of hardware required for this project were:

Raspberry Pi- We chose the model B 512 MB.

piBreadboard and Arduino- We chose the Arduino mini


Motor Controller- We chose the L298n motor controller.












Servo – Futaba FP–S148


Distance Sensor – HC-SR04


How the Robot looks at the moment:

There is still a bit of work to do with the wires, but because I’m testing it’s difficult to tidy them up now.



Re-programming the arduino mini

What a nightmare it has been for the last week.We are trying to re-program the Arduino mini so it can support the Servo and the Distance sensor for my Bot.

We keep getting this message: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I have done some much research on the internet and I haven’t found a solution yet. People say it’s almost impossible to troubleshoot this as it can be anything.


Here is a picture of my new bot with the Servo and the Distance sensor:


Here is the Arduino mini that I’m trying to re-program:

Arduino Mini
We have tried to re-wire the cables so many times . I don’t know what else we can try..

Any ideas?