Racing Pi

The Racing Pi – This is a robot with 4 wheels. It uses 2 motors to go forward and backwards. Those 2 motors are on the back wheels. The 2 front wheels are to turn right or left. The motor used for this is a servo. I have also decided to put a distance sensor at the front. This will allow the robot to check if there is anything in front and therefore not collide with anything. I also had the idea of getting a camera. I have not been able to work with the camera yet as it’s out of stock, it’s due to arrive at the end of August. Image recognition will definitely be a challenge by in my opinion will look extremely good if a robot can take pictures.

The way I have decide to control the robot is by Mi Server front-end. This will be on the browser and therefore accessible to anyone.

Mi Server front end:


The main pieces of hardware required for this project were:

Raspberry Pi- We chose the model B 512 MB.

piBreadboard and Arduino- We chose the Arduino mini


Motor Controller- We chose the L298n motor controller.












Servo – Futaba FP–S148


Distance Sensor – HC-SR04


How the Robot looks at the moment:

There is still a bit of work to do with the wires, but because I’m testing it’s difficult to tidy them up now.




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