Re-programming the arduino mini

What a nightmare it has been for the last week.We are trying to re-program the Arduino mini so it can support the Servo and the Distance sensor for my Bot.

We keep getting this message: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 I have done some much research on the internet and I haven’t found a solution yet. People say it’s almost impossible to troubleshoot this as it can be anything.


Here is a picture of my new bot with the Servo and the Distance sensor:


Here is the Arduino mini that I’m trying to re-program:

Arduino Mini
We have tried to re-wire the cables so many times . I don’t know what else we can try..

Any ideas?


One thought on “Re-programming the arduino mini

  1. I have no experience with Arduino so excuse me for replying. But if (as you say) it can be anything then you must test everything. Keep regressing until you can confirm that things are working properly, and then start stepping forwards, one step at a time.
    Is the Arduino unit powered properly? Is the MCU on the Arduino board powered properly? (Measure on soldering pads on the board.) Is the MCU clocked and running at all? Is the MCU properly programmed with the proper Arduino firmware? Is the programming interface properly configured, connected, and functional? Are the other wired pins on the unit actually electrically connected?
    Good luck! I know it’s frustrating, but all the more satisfied you’ll be when you get it working.

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