Moot 2013 Lee Valley Youth Hostel, Friday-Sunday, 17-19 May

Back from the moot…

This was our first ever ” APL moot”. It was a very good experience. It’s always good to learn from people who have been doing APL for a long, long time..

Our individual expierence of the moot:

Shaquil: It was nice to see some of the new Dyalog 14 features. The thing I enjoyed the most at the moot was to see the “robot” running on a raspberry pi made by Morten. It was nice to see Morten using the workspace and the robot moving. We have just found out that we will be doing something similar. I will defenitely use Mortens Robot as an example to my “own” robot.


I had a great experience at the moot, was really good to see what people are up to. Especially Morten’s robot…And some sneak previews of whats coming up for Dyalog! We can’t wait to make our own! Shame about the weather would have been great to have a BBQ!

Here’s some photos
Photo 17-05-2013 13 34 56 Photo 17-05-2013 13 35 11 Photo 17-05-2013 13 35 47 Photo 17-05-2013 19 34 53 Photo 18-05-2013 12 59 28


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