Challenge 1

Few weeks ago, Peter Meritt challenged us.
He made a program which is “made” of pop up boxes. So the challenge was to make the program in 1 page GUI.
The program had around 8 questions and each question was in a different pop up box, so this is what I came up with:

Shaquil's GUI Challenge 1

Challenge 1. GUI BEFORE answering the questions.   

Challenge 1 After answering the questions

Challenge 1. GUI AFTER answering the questions.

I showed this to the user and I got my review. Few the points made by the users were:

  • The screen was too busy.
  • The boxes that say “Please, remember to answer this question!” were too big.
  • The user had to hit 2 buttons. For example you select from the drop down box and then you have to click Select.
  • The screen had a neat layout.
  • The “Yes/No” buttons would be better as radio buttons.
  • The “remember box” is good.
  • Good proportion on screens and good use of objects.

These were few points said by the users at Optima.
Now I would like to see what you guys think.
So let me know what you like and you didn’t like, so I can improve my designing skills.

Thank you,


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