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Hello everyone,

Every time I open a workspace it always opens in Dyalog 13.2 64 BIT. However I would like my default Dyalog to be Dyalog 13.2 32 BIT.

Does anyone know how can I change Dyalog default program?  I’m running Windows 8 64 BIT if that helps…

Thank you,


10 thoughts on “Change default Dyalog

  1. Make sure you have the desired Dyalog interpreter installed on the machine. Then you change the association for ‘.dws’ files to this desired interpreter. On Windows 7 this can be done in Control Panel’s ‘Default Programs’.

    • I’m running windows 8 64bit. I tried to change the Default Dyalog to the one I want Dyalog 13.2 32 BIT but it keeps changing back to Dyalog 13.2 64 BIT.
      I don’t know how I can change so workspaces will permanently open with 13.2 32BIT and not 13.2 64BIT..

      • If I were you, I’d take a look at the real settings in the Registry.
        First run “regedit”. Then in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT find the key ‘.dws’. See what the ‘(Default)’ value is. Find the key with this name, which is likely ‘dwsfile’.
        In ‘dwsfile’ you’ll find the sub-keys ‘shell\open\command’.
        The ‘(Default)’ values should indicate what program is used to open a .dws file.

  2. ‘command’ is a sub-key of the key ‘open’, which is a sub-key of the key ‘shell’, which is a sub-key of the key ‘dwsfile’. I cannot attach a screen shot, so here is an approximation of what the ‘.dws’ and ‘dwsfile’ keys look like in my own Registry:

    ├ .dws
    ├ dwsfile
    │ ├ shell
    │ │ ├ open
    │ │ │ └ command
    │ │ └ Open (do not start)
    │ │ └ command
    │ └ Version

  3. Since you’re using 13.2 (and indeed, if you were using 13.1) then the user command


    is just what you’re looking for. You do need to run APL with elevated privilegs mind you!

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