DFNS for reporting disk space

Hi I’m currently looking into making an application where I need to know the available/ total disk space of the various disks on a system. Is there any DFNS or any other way to achieve this?

Thanks James.


2 thoughts on “DFNS for reporting disk space

  1. By the way, on the APL Wiki there’s a library of functions ready to be used: http://aplwiki.com/WinSys
    I wouldn’t have written the []NA signature the way it’s done in the available code. U8 is a valid output type and doesn’t require postprocessing in APL. Notice that U8 is not a native type, though, which means that Dyalog APL maps it to a floating point number. Therefore it cannot precisely represent the full range (2*64) of the original. I believe that the available precision (down to the byte) is sufficient to cope with existing HDs and future HDs for a few years.

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