Real Work

Hello everyone,

You might be wondering why we don’t post too often… Well at the moment we have been a bit busy as we got given real work to do.

Our task is to create an Interface/GUI for one of our clients. At the moment they have to run all the functions in the workspace/session, which isn’t great .  We want to make their life easier, and therefore we are creating a User Friendly Interface. This will save them time, as they wont need to type almost anything. Also the code is very old as most of it was last edited in 2008.. 2009.. so we have also got to improve the code and “make it readable to any APLer”.Yes, it’s not an easy task this one.
However this will give us a lot of experience which we need and we have also got the consultants in our office that help us a lot!

The task is fairly big and I think it’s fair to say that it will take us a bit of time until we get this done.

We soon will post some screenshots of what we have done.

Thank you


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