APL Errors Guide for Try APL ?!

Hello everyone.

Last week I did a ‘APL Errors Guide’, because we spoken to Brian Becker about adding a glossary on Try APL therefore I think it would be useful having an APL errors guide so when anyone gets an error they can see why they got that error.

So if you guys can give me some suggestions about what you think it would be great!

Thank you.

APL Errors Guide -To Download the file Click Here

APL Errors Guide

APL Errors Guide


2 thoughts on “APL Errors Guide for Try APL ?!

  1. Wonderful initiative. Looking good. I would myself want to add more details to WS FULL, perhaps with a brief description of what the workspace is and why it can run full.

  2. Hello Klaus. We would like you to add your ideas so we can also understand why the workspace can run full.
    If you wish you can download the file as word document and send to our emails once you have added your ideas. (The link to download the file is above the picture)
    Thank you

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