Dyalog Course

Dyalog Course 2012 ( 17th/09/2012 to 20th/09/2012)

September 2012, us three got invited by Dyalog to attend to an APL course given by Bernard Legrand, held in Dyalog offices in Bramley.

We had an amazing week and our knowledge about APL improved.

The first days it was pretty much to get a good knowledge about majority of APL symbols. As the course went on, things started getting a bit harder and we started to create simple yet complicated functions.

The course was majorly to give everyone a good APL background as well as a solid start into the world of APL.

We would like to thank Bernard Legrand, Dyalog and Optima for this amazing opportunity that they gave us.

Us three in the Dyalog Course 2012

Each of us got a ‘skilled APLer’ (certificate) with our names.


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